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Sport of Speaking eBook

Score with your message and hit a home run every time!

You’re always selling yourself and your ideas. Whether you’re speaking to one person, five people or 100, everything is public speaking.

We assume you’re an expert at what you do; but ask yourself, are you coachable? Are you willing to make changes to accelerate your growth? Our goal is for you to take what’s in your head and in your heart and have it come out of your mouth, so you get the results you want. Let us be your coaches…your success is our success.

Sport of Speaking is the definitive guide to improved public speaking, personal salesmanship and effective communication. Communicate with confidence and eliminate anxiety.

Dozens of learning-intensive topics optimized to improve your speaking and confidence.

Available at the Kindle Store and playable on most any mobile device including iPad, iPhone, Android Phone & Tablets.

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Women's Leadership Training VIDEO TRAINING New!

Our training intensives can benefit anyone, but this video is designed especially for professional women.

Our famous“Speaking for Results”® training has helped thousands of professionals be better prepared, speak with more confidence and overcome anxiety to deliver their messages more effectively.

In their unique style, Robert and Rande serve up valuable tips, professional training and exercises to help you advance your career by being a better communicator. Useful to anyone, but targeted to professional females, this video training promises to become a valued resources for your career success!

21 training chapters in all, in downloadable M4V format. Designed to playback on most desktop and mobile devices. (1.29 gb) Runtime 1h45m

Also available in audio-only format. Click Here

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“Speaking for Results”® VIDEO TRAINING

The premiere video training package for anyone looking to impress an audience and do it with poise.

“Speaking for Results”® video training was designed to help anyone become a more effective speaker.

Robert and Rande share the secrets of speaking influence as they explore topics such as making eye contact, using gestures, using visual aids, handling Q and A, and more.

9 training chapters in all, in downloadable MP4 format. Designed to playback on most desktop and mobile devices. (706 mb) Runtime 1h50m

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“Speaking for Results”® AUDIO TRAINING

It's not what you know, it's who knows what you know that counts.

“Speaking for Results”® audio training will help you to get your message across clearly and powerfully. Learn to influence, motivate and sell your ideas to anyone at anytime.

Learn to prepare, relax and focus so you can effectively communicate and connect with your audience no matter the situation.

19 training chapters in downloadable MP3 format.

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P.E.P. Training eBook

The Productivity Effectiveness Program eBook by Robert Gedaliah

Overcome fatigue, reduce tension and increase your energy with these easy and enjoyable exercises you can do while seated at your desk.

A simple, practical way to improve your job performance and feel better, too. Keep it on your mobile device or work computer for a quick, refreshing exercise anytime!

10 illustrated training exercises and our exclusive "P.E.P. Talk" to help you feel good, be more productive and better manage stress.

Delivered in downloadable PDF format.

View "The Archer" exercise as a free sample:
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